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7 Reasons to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner that doubles as a mop

Jun 15, 2023

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For homeowners, cleaning can be a really tiresome activity. Using ways of the yesteryears where you've to do the cleaning and the mopping manually isn't a thing anymore. With innovation on the rise, robot vacuum cleaners are steadily on the rise, thanks to how they minimize the workload for homeowners…or at least that's been the promise.

A robot vacuum cleaner is a substantial upgrade over the conventional vacuum cleaner because with the former at your disposal, you can easily delegate the cleaning tasks without having to watch over or do them manually. But traditional robot cleaners haven't completely removed the act of manually cleaning up.

Basic models require you to clean up before and after the robot cleans. More advanced models - like the all-new DEEBOT T20 OMNI from ECOVACS - incorporate premium technologies that avoid objects, empty themselves, and even mop and vacuum at the same time.

If you've been contemplating investing in a robot vacuum cleaner, here are nine solid reasons why you won't be disappointed if you go ahead and make the purchase.


The very basic reason why you should have a robot vacuum cleaner is precisely this. It frees up minutes on the clock that you can invest in other tasks and keep your daily schedule organized.

Having an RVC is even more beneficial if you're working from home. This little device will ensure your house remains spanking clean and your workspace organized while you concentrate on other important topics at hand.

When we say time-saving, we mean the RVC can be controlled via voice assistants and allow you a lazier control.

For instance, ECOVACS' DEEBOT T20 OMNI is a vacuum cleaner and mop hybrid that can seamlessly clean across all floor types. All you need to do is say 'OK KIYO' to activate and order it to perform the required functions. This machine can work well with Alexa, Google Assistant, or the ECOVACS smart app, and even has an industry-leading quiet cleaning mode that won't disturb your remote work


Consider this as a subset feature of the time-saving thing we talked about in the previous point. You don't need to keep a watch over a robot vacuum because it can navigate around the house and clean all the corners without you needing to keep a watchful eye over it.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI boasts the TrueMapping 2.0 feature that used LiDAR laser technology with dToF sensors to generate the most accurate cleaning path. It provides 2X greater range and 4X greater accuracy as compared to traditional laser mapping.

What's more, you can also switch from 2D to 3D for a more detailed view of your home with this robot vacuum and mopping cleaner.


Whether it's vacuuming for removing the dirt and bacteria or mopping to leave your floors clean without leaving a crumb or spill behind, hybrid vacuum cleaners are great at this job. Having such a vacuum cleaner means you don't need to invest in multiple devices to get the cleanliness drive done automatically at your home.

The DEEBOT T20 OMNI comes with the efficient Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System provides intelligent, automatic mop lifting for continuous cleaning while helping you avoid any cross contamination. With new and flexible cleaning modes, this mop has two brushes that rotate about 180 times every minute ensuring every last bit of grime and filth is removed properly.


There are often difficult areas and corners that we may find difficult to clean manually. Also, at times, some of the easily reachable ones may also get left out due to certain reasons.

A robot vacuum cleaner like the DEEBOT T20 OMNI ensures that doesn't happen, thanks to its 6000 Pa suction power that can clean up all debris and the dual-side brushes that can reach the tightest of corners for cleaning. What's more, it also uses the main floating brush for deeper cleaning.


Whether it's hard floors or soft carpeting, a robot vacuum cleaner can adjust to multiple types of surfaces, meaning you need not have different devices for different types of surfaces. Also, they can detect stairs and walls so they can steer away to avoid any damage to the unit.

The DEEBOT T20 OMNI has the ability to recognize the surfaces with extraordinary accuracy, and hence, it can automatically lift the mopping plates and pause the rotation in real-time. This helps it increase the suction power when transitioning from hard floor to soft carpeting.


Different areas of your home will accumulate different amounts of dirt. For instance, areas such as the kitchen or the living room tend to be dirtier because they receive more foot traffic.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI comes with four different settings: Vacuum-only, mop-only/vacuum+mop, vacuum first before mopping, and Fast Cleaning mode to satisfy all your cleaning needs.


In comparison to their manual counterparts, robot vacuum cleaners require very little to no maintenance, since they have a sturdy build quality and are designed for long-term use. All you need to do is empty the container in which the garbage gets stored once every few months. This - and changing the clean and dirty water tanks - are probably the only maintenance tasks you need to perform once you get a robot vacuum cleaner like DEEBOT T20 OMNI.

The DEEBOT T20 OMNI comes with a dual functionality that allows it both vacuum and mop for a thorough cleaning experience. It has an intelligent mapping and navigation system that helps it clean floors efficiently with minimal human supervision. Thanks to its compact size, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI can reach tight spaces easily and is an ideal choice for smaller homes and apartments.

While most of the robot vacuum cleaners ‘claim’ to do both vacuuming and mopping, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI can actually function well on both ends equally well. ECOVACS has ensured the DEEBOT T20 OMNI also stands out as a brilliant mopping machine in a crowded market.

Talking about its mopping capabilities, it comes with an intelligent mop-lifting system and also offers an industry-first hot water mop washing technology. Washing with hot water at 55 degrees, this machine can clean the dirt and debris in the tightest of corners with commendable precision. Furthermore, the hot air drying process ensures that the mopping pads are disinfected properly without leaving any room for bacteria growth.

So, if you’re contemplating on a decision to get a robot vacuum cleaner to keep your home sparkling clean, the DEEBOT T20 OMNI is definitely the choice that won't disappoint.