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Meet Phecda, a sleek, intuitively designed laser engraver for designers, creatives, and makers on a budget

Sep 28, 2023

If you’re a designer, artist, or any kind of creator making and personalizing products, I’m here to tell you that a laser engraver is much more useful than a 3D printer. Unlike printers that only work with one or two kinds of filaments, a laser engraver can work on a variety of materials, allowing you to build products, personalize them with logos, images, and messages, and even build out the packaging for them in just a matter of minutes. While most laser engravers can look like daunting appliances, featuring complicated setups and usage instructions, the ELEGOO Phecda is nothing like other laser engravers. With a sleek, all-metal design and a massive 1600cm² work area, the Phecda is perfect for creatives with a small setup and a tight budget. The Phecda isn't just incredibly versatile, it's also extremely easy to use, with a mobile phone app that lets you control the engraver remotely, allowing you to make everything from intricate wood carvings and custom jigsaw puzzles, to personalized products like laser-etched coasters, wallets, and even laptops!

Designer: ELEGOO

Click Here to Buy Now: $270 $449.99 (40% off). Hurry, only 1600/2000 left! Raised over $2,500,000.

What instantly captivates you with the Phecda is its sleek, simplistic design that sits low on your work surface. The engraver's entire body is made from an anodized aluminum alloy, with an appeal that seems incredibly cutting-edge and state-of-the-art. The Phecda's workings, however, appeal to the amateur user, who's looking to invest in their first, budget-friendly laser engraver. It also helps that the Phecda starts at just $270, making it a compelling addition to your workflow. With the engraver, Phecda unlocks a whole new realm of design creation. The engraver works on a whole slew of materials, from paper to leather, rubber, wood, bamboo, aluminum, stainless steel, stone, and even ceramics.

The ELEGOO Phecda has a 400 mm x 400 mm engraving size, which is large enough to meet your requirements.

You can not only build products by cutting 2D sheets of material and then layering them together (like a decorative photo frame or even an architecture model), but you can even make products like paper boxes/cards, or leather journals and card holders. Finally, the Phecda lets you personalize things you make by adding graphics to them. Add a photo or calligraphic name onto a wooden nameplate, engrave a message onto a ceramic mug, or add artwork or branding to the back of your iPad or skateboard. The Phecda's 400mm x 400mm work surface allows you to work with large objects too, or even etch multiple small objects at the same time like your mini factory line!

The smoke exhaust filter and laser head fan effectively guide fumes and dust generated during engraving through the filtering port, reducing unpleasant odors.

Powering the Phecda is a small but powerful laser module with a 10W or 20W output depending on whether you opt for the Phecda or Phecda Pro. The module sits on a sturdy, precise X/Y axis, enclosed within a tinted covering that shields your eyes from the sparks and contains the smoke from the engraving/cutting process. The smoke is then channeled into Phecda's built-in air purifier, which ensures your work area doesn't fill up with smoke. Purified air makes its way out of the Phecda's exhaust, so you don't have to splurge for an additional air purifier like you would with other laser engraving machines.

Designed by the folks at ELEGOO, who’ve built multiple 3D printers in the past, the Phecda expands their expertise into the engraving realm. Its versatile, easy-to-use design (with a multi-lingual touch panel and a smartphone app) gives you the power and freedom to create, customize, and even package your designs, regardless of the material you work with. Phecda's video demonstrates how capable the engraver is at making things like jigsaw puzzles, board games, bespoke greeting cards, customized leather goods and apparel, and even metallic objects like your phone or laptop. Moreover, pair the Phecda with its Rotary Accessory and you can now even engrave on curved surfaces like glasses, mugs, pen stands, etc.

The Phecda comes in two variants depending on what your requirements are. A regular variant with a less powerful 10W laser lets you engrave on a whole host of materials, but if you’re looking to cut into surfaces like wood, bamboo, or leather, the Phecda Pro sports a 20W laser that works with thicker and harder materials, cutting through them like a hot knife through butter. Each Phecda comes with the free smartphone app (available for iOS and Android), a pair of safety goggles for you to wear during run-time, and adjustable risers that let you add materials with depth or thickness to your work surface. The Phecda starts at $270, making it perfect for people looking to dip their toe into designing and customizing products using laser-engraving technology. Additional accessories like air filter replacements, rotary attachments, and honeycomb working panels can be purchased as add-ons. The ELEGOO Phecda begins delivering in August 2023, so go ahead and turn your compact room/garage/studio into a full-fledged fab-lab!

Click Here to Buy Now: $270 $449.99 (40% off). Hurry, only 1600/2000 left! Raised over $2,500,000.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $270 Click Here to Buy Now: $270