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FOBA's 532 nanometers wavelength green laser marking system applies marks on delicate substrates

Nov 14, 2023

FOBA has introduced a 532 nanometers wavelength green laser marking system. The low heat laser applies marks on materials with extraordinary absorption properties, according to the company. Such materials include white, transparent, or red plastics, as well as highly reflective metals.

The systems offers a significant increase in marking speed and quality on previously insufficiently markable materials. Affected materials include special plastics like UHMWPE, HDPE, or PMMA for which additives might no longer be necessary, as well as glass or shiny substrates.

The application of the green laser marker can be facilitated using FOBA's proven laser marking workflow with camera and mark alignment software.

The new marking laser is available with either 7- or 14-watt laser power variations. It can flexibly be integrated into production environments due to a smaller marking unit (compared to the UV-laser), a broad range of available interfaces, and five possible marking field sizes.