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A Spider

Nov 06, 2023

The Audemars Piguet Spider-Man watch will be on sale for $200,000.

By TeeJay Small| Updated 2 weeks ago

Timepiece collectors and Marvel fans, unite! The latest Marvel collaboration with famed luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet has been announced ahead of the premiere of the upcoming Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse film and is set to cost upwards of $200,000, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Spider-Man watch marks the second collaborative effort between the comic book company and the high-end timepiece retailer, following the Royal Oak Concept Black Panther Flying Tourbillon watch which was released in 2021.

The Spider-Man-themed watch in question, formally titled the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon "Spider-Man" features a sleek and elegant display showcasing a three-dimensional depiction of everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood web-slinger leaping into action through the watch face, in an epic design that will please die-hard Spider-Man fans and high-end watch collectors alike. The watch crystal is set in hand-painted white gold, with a 42mm tourbillon dial, making it no surprise that AP is limiting these pieces to only 250 units. The starting cost comes in at 195,000 in Swiss francs, which translates roughly to $215,000.

Obviously, it will be incredibly difficult to get your hands on one of these Spider-Man watches, even if you’ve got a spare $200,000 burning a hole in your spandex crime-fighting suit. This is particularly true for the special one-of-a-kind limited variant AP plans to release for a charitable cause, which will portray Spider-Man in his iconic black suit. The piece is expected to sell for millions, with the profits set to be donated to a pair of non-profit charities, First Book and Ashoka.

Both charities have a special focus on assisting low-income children and families with gaining access to the tools of financial freedom and support, allowing victims of systemic oppression to gain a foothold in the capitalist market. AP utilized the same strategy back in 2021 with its Black Panther timepiece, which brought in over $5 million at auction. The standard Spider-Man watch requires over 50 hours of carefully hand-crafted work from artisan luxury watchmakers, including highly complex programming for the purpose of laser-engraving the textures on Spidey's suit, among other meticulously crafted details.

The technology may sound like something developed by Tony Stark himself, particularly when factoring in some of the actual utilities of the Spider-Man watch, beyond simply telling the time. Apparently, the watch is water resistant in up to 50 meters of water, with nearly 200 intricately crafted pieces forming to produce the final product. The marker's hands are coated in a white luminescent coloring agent, allowing them to glow blue in the dark, allowing the wearer an opportunity to feel as though they’re checking the time on a pair of E.D.I.T.H. glasses.

As one of the most iconic super-heroes of all time, it's no wonder Audemars Piguet chose Spider-Man as their latest entrant into the world of Marvel watch collaborations. Perhaps this tradition will become a semi-annual installation, with heroes such as the Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Captain America following suit until the entire Avengers roster can be flashed at the wrist to signal your high-class status to other luxury collectors.